Training for Versatility

The economic downturn in the years bygone have made professionals learn great lessons to enhance the possibility of their job security even in the lesser job market. The realizations of wearing different caps at different times or to say precisely to be multi-tasking with multiple skills have come to rule the roost.

The recent trends in the trainings shows that employees are more interested in learning different skills related to their job or the skills which can fetch them more value in terms of career progression. For example a software engineer is now keen in learning project management and people management skills along with the core programming skills. Some are interested in increasing their horizon of knowledge in the programming skills to become expert or specialist. All this requires them to train themselves on the additional skills.

The various training helps companies to use an employee to work for more than one role with less turn around time. This is a great example of cost saving. This also helps the companies to have the desired skills in the employee instead of going around in the search of a better employee.

Different case studies have also lamented on the fact that in the fast pace technological world stiff competition to outsmart the competitors require employees to be trained in the required skills in the right time. The felt need to train employees on the cross functional areas and the advanced skills have made companies invest more on the training than the yester years.

The requirement of training in different field for different skill sets are growing faster to fill the gap between the supply and the demand. This has created a great opportunity for the specialized trainers to realize their dream as an entrepreneur in this area or on individual level to be a freelance trainer.

The hits on the portal by hundred thousands people is the great witness of example as how hot is the training market. And I sided with my personal opinion too that this is going to grow.


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