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Importance of real life examples in training

There is indeed a large difference between theoretical learning and applying the same on the practical world. A training program therefore can be fun if it is perfectly blended with some real life examples. It will definitely make a trainee to get a move on successfully.
Below is given some of the points that will explain the importance of presenting practical examples in any learning and development process:
  1. The presentation of case studies will make a topic interesting to discuss. This will indeed draw more attention from the trainees and insist them to discuss on the subject within the group. This, in turn will help to influence the interpersonal communication skills, problem solving ability, and cognitive power of an individual or a group.
  2. The practice will also help the trainees to get hold of life-like situations. Through this process they will get introduced into the conditions of the real world, know about the heart of the matter of any problem, and the possible ways they solve the same.
  3.  Introducing real life examples in a training program will surely make a trainee to be situation-ready. He or she can be more proactive when the situation demands someone to step in and make a decision. And there is a high possibility that the actions he or she takes will be based on sound and adept judgment, meeting the need of the hour to the very best.
  4.  The implication of real life examples work effectively in bridging the gap in between theoretical knowledge and practical situations. The trainees will thereby get the answers of why and how. They will not only be introduced to a variety of resources that they can apply in certain circumstances, but also master the art of applying one of the same to get the desired outcome.


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