orgin of training

Origin of training – A brief history

Origin of training

Much is said and done on training. But still this term keeps on sourcing enough attention from the world wide pundits, who believe that there are still more to reveal. The process of training basically involves a systematic approach to certain modules that are aimed towards improving the skill sets of an individual or a group.

Since prehistoric days the vocation of the adults were taught to the children to make them prepared for adulthood. But with growing times, complexities creep up. Just like any other trade, this development has also made the jobs to call for a high level of expertise that requires strong competency levels. This eventually gives rise to the need of training.

Initially it was the organisations that developed the managers. This was done by recognising the talent of an individual in terms of strong and unparalleled occupational knowledge and then promoting him or her to first level positions. These persons never had much supervisory part in them, rather they insisted in providing work directions only.

It is only in the year of 1950s that has witnessed the growth of training programs. Right from there till the present date, a lot of biz gurus came out with newer concepts in the fields of training. Along with their thoughts and ideas, the need of cultivating the supervisory abilities of a person has ultimately found recognition in the training process.

Nowadays, in the 21st century, training has been more of an activity-centric. Ranging widely from planning to organising, leadership to sales and marketing, in today’s world training is truly regarded to be a vital aspect in the growth and career development of an individual.

It will therefore, be apt to conclude by saying that a training process is designed to bridge the gap that exists in between what an employee is, and what the job demands for.


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