Corparate Training

Need of training in corporate career

Career in corporate world is full of challenges and at times demanding. It is filled with many ups and downs, highs and lows and suits those who constantly strive to meet the expectations of the organization and hit the bull’s eye every time by their performance.

Realizing the need to constantly help the employees to achieve the goals, companies spend 2-2.5% of their turnover on training programs and some of the progressive companies spend even up to 5%, according to the American Society for Training.

Training in various fields of work is very essential to enhance your personality and skills. It can also boost up your confidence level. Due to changing time and generation, training and education is not just limited to bookish knowledge. Training is a mechanism for structured and practical learning. It is generally conceived as a good tool to enhance individual’s performance.

However, the benefits of training can be witnessed in the following areas too:

Reduction in employee attrition
Reduced need for supervision and hence increased efficiency
Employee’s dignity, self-worth and well being
Equipping the organization with right people to face changing business scenario
Upgrade of skills as part of professional career development

Today, the need for training in corporate set-up is increasing due to the fast pace of business. Whenever a change takes place, whether be it in technology or corporate policy, employees have to be trained so that they can keep pace with the change.

On personal level also, training is one of the best way to keep one moving in the corporate career. May be sometime, if you are left out to receive some of the timely training from your employer, which is essential for your career progression, I would suggest that you train yourself from outside institutions. After all it’s a question of your survival in the corporate career.


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