What can be learnt about Leadership?

Leadership is basically quoted as the social influence of one person to motivate and direct a large group of personnel to successfully work towards the achievement of a common goal. Since the evolvement of various and complex social structures, leadership is deemed to be a vital area which requires par excellence to succeed.

The search in identifying the truest traits of a leader is a matter of discussion that have concerned many of the prominent philosophical thinkers of the past. Ranging widely from Plato’s Republic to Plutarch’s Lives, all these writings have involved much thought process in exploring the fundamental qualities of a man that makes him a true leader.

Leadership is a much-complicated issue. It is well equipped with lots of challenges and unusual surprises for an individual to tread on to this path. However, these challenges are required to be sought out not by the leader alone, but by involving and inspiring each and every member of the team to solve the issue.

Programmes on leadership training, therefore is very much important to shape a positive culture and promote harmony. These also help much in developing the budding professionals into achieving a perfect poise that would come handy to them in every spheres of life.

Trainings or Disciplines

Being a Leader

One do not need to have super-human abilities to come out and stand above his or her fellow compatriots as a leader. All that he or she needs is just a fine tuning of the latent capabilities with an adept development of the soft skills. The leadership training programmes are aimed to befit those individuals who are not born as leaders, and are aimed in making them so.

Effective Leadership

Qualities revolving the realms of an effective leadership centres round certain points. The available leadership training programmes are aimed to offer one with the following:

1. Know of your strengths and focus on them more to overcome your limitations.

2. Try to set an example by yourself that will inspire your team members to come forward the next time onwards.

3. Perseverance is always the keyword to succeed in this business.

4. Believe in the phrase: “When the going gets tough, the tough get going”.

5. Be ethical when working towards the accomplishment of a certain goal.

6 Good Habits

l Positivity

l Vision

l Effective Communication

l Planning

l Troubleshooting

l Nurturing and Mentoring

l Responsibility


Resources & Links


50 Activities for Developing Leaders by Lois Borland Hart and Hart Lois


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