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Apple Training and Certification

Apple certification is gaining gradual popularity as an emerging profession; nevertheless, in comparison to Microsoft Windows the popularity of MAC operating system is still a bit limited. However, still Apple certification has a business niche of its own. Manly creative concerns like advertising agencies, media outlets like magazines, newspapers, and video production units mostly use MAC based systems hence the demand for MAC professionals are also going up these days.Professionals with Apple certification can achieve a great rewarding professional career as well.

Apple certification Paths: the options at one go

There are basically two types of Apple certification paths and these are application oriented certification and support or trouble-shooting certification. Professionals with Apple certifications get sound training in DVD Authoring via DVD Studio Pro and video editing suite etc.

For advanced training in Apple certification module for example in Final cut Studio, Logic Studio, etc. there are multiple levels of training for acquiring professional expertise. Master Pro and Master Trainer credential modules are also included in this multi-level training list. But professionals, aspiring to be a pro in video editing work will be extremely benefited by acquiring professional knowledge and expertise on these learning modules.

Apple Technology Certifications

Those who want to adopt a techy career Apple, certification has galore of interesting modules for them to learn and to get trained. Those who love networking and knowing the nitty-gritty an operating system will be the right candidate in pursuing these certification courses.

Apple offers MAC OS X certifications in 3 modules. These are:

  • Apple Certified Support Professional or ACSP. This module is an entry level certification course apt for a support technicians and it is equivalent to MCP. The subject territory of this module is MAC OS X client however this module does not cover training for Mac OS X server.
  • Apple Certified Technical Coordinator or ACTC. This is the 2nd level training for Mac OS X server support and this training is justified for entry-level system administrators operating on small sized networks.
  • Apple Certified System Administrator or ACSA. This is the 3rd level and advanced level training course in Apple certification module. The training for this module is right for high-end Mac system administrators, operating with complex and large environments. However, this level of training is suitable for experienced professionals only.

 Apple certification: hardware

Apple certification modules cover special training for acquiring expertise on storage management and hardware troubleshooting. Storage Device of Apple is called Xsan and offers two special training modules for Apple professionals. These two titles are Apple Certified Media Administrator (ACMA) and Xsan Administrator. Out of these two training certification modules ACMA is more technical and includes networking duties and storage planning and management.

For Apple Hardware certification courses Certified Macintosh Technician (or shortly ACMT) is the most popular one. It encompasses assembling and de assembling of servers, apple laptops, and desktops. This module is equivalent to A+ certificate from CompTIA.

Career Benefits of Apple certification

  • Acknowledgment for the technical expertise of the professional
  • Professional appraisal in a globally competitive marketplace
  • Endorsements of Apple certification registered on the Apple Certified Professionals database
  • Personalized certificate from Apple.
  • It is a sure shot way for gaining competency and validation of special skill,
  • Building credibility in clients and employers,
  • Managing professional display of the Apple certificate and an Apple logo that differentiates the trained professional as an Apple Certified expert

 The eligibility for availing Apple certification

In order to be an Apple Certified Professional, a candidate has to pass an entrance exam at an Apple Authorized Training Centre (AATC). Level One certification offers basic operational acquaintance of the application. Level Two teaches a better understanding of Apple application. Exams are scheduled at the completion of each specific course.

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