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ITAM Hardware Asset Management - Trainings & Certification Courses

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Hardware Asset Management deals with the management of computer network and physical components of these computers from purchase to disposal. Common business practice for hardware asset management includes request and approval, procurement management, life cycle management, redistribution and disposal management.

In short, hardware asset management is set to achieve perfection and optimum usages of all hardware assets available on a specific IT infrastructure for offering comprehensive visibility about an inventory.

Furthermore, this asset management support helps an organization to complete vendor contract, lease management, as well as to assist in planning budgetary predictions based on business requirement and latest stocks of assets.

Each of the training listed below contain details on course overview, topics covered, target audience, eligibility criteria, pre-requisites, trainer profile, certification requirements, key takeaways, testimonials and discounts. Hope you will find this useful. For any questions, please contact our customer care. Happy Learning !

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