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Scrum Master Certification® (SMC) Trainings & Certification Courses

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Scrum Master Certified refers to professionals who approve the Scrum team’s environment and working conditions. They will decide if the system will be able to complete its task within the stipulated time. There will be an approved Scrum master who will guide and teach individuals about various testing environments and certain techniques to deal with unfair conditions. This training also provides individuals with latest information about Scrum technology.

Ensuring proper functioning of scrum processes is important because the whole project will fail if a person without a Scrum Master certification is handling the validation task. SCRUM study provides candidates who have completed the certification process with a SMC course.

It requires no pre requisites to become a SMC certified personnel but it is advised to get Scrum Developer Certified tag before moving ahead. It is of multiple choice nature and will consist of 100 questions in an exam. Upon successful completion, a physical certificate is mailed to individuals. SMC course is a real booster for those who are planning to enter the project verification field. Once collected, it can be maintained by collecting 40 re-certification credits in a span of 3 years.

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