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Scaled Professional Scrum ( NEXUS) - Training and Certificaiton Courses

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For those who are not familiar with the scrum framework, it is a system developed for the simplification of complex systems. It refers to an instance of scrum which consists of more than a single specific team involved in creating or maintaining a system. Scaled professional scrum depends on the formal rules of this system to make professional software development stay inside the boundaries of it.

Accessing scaled professional scrum

This not only provides guidance to organizations but it also scales the product development platform. It is a practice which has gained worldwide appreciation. It has also evolved from a miniature model to one of the most comprehensive methodologies that helped a complex system to gain simplicity. The main feature of this system is its transparency. Scaled professional Scrum works with a Nexus often referred to as a skeletal system. A Nexus helps to connect up to 9 teams who work on a single product together. Scaled Professional nexus works similar to that of a Scrum system.

This training will help teams working on a project to master the idea of working in a team. There are nearly 40 practices in this course which will give individuals an idea of how to apply them at the required context.

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