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Scaled Agile Framework's SAFe® 5.0 Product Owner Product Manager Training with POPM Certification in Delhi

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In our efforts to offer our participants the best and most effective training program, we bring effectively designed SAFe® Product Owner/Product Manager training program which will equip the candidates with all the required skills and expertise in the framework. After undergoing the training program, the aspirants will become matchlessly capable in utilizing various tools, mechanics and practices to administer and manage backlogs and programs in the business setting. With the skills acquired, the participants will soon become a valuable addition to the overall business deliverance of the business. Since the training is scheduled for two days, all the participants will get all the required training and insights to become skilled SAFe® Product Owner/Product Managers.

Advantages of the Program

The training offers the following advantages to all the persons undergoing the same;

·         Ability to administer and direct Lean portfolio

·         Planning of the Program Increment and its execution

·         State the roles need to be discharged by product owners and managers

·         Instill required insights and expertise to apply SAFe in any Lean enterprise

·         Improvement of service deliverance of the business

·         Create effective business and role strategies

Who will benefit by attending the program?

All the professionals who want to improve their skills can attend the program. However, by design, professionals with the following roles will benefit maximum; Portfolio managers, Product line managers, Process managers and leads, Solution, system and enterprise architects, Product owners and product managers, Solution managers, Business analysts, PMO recruits.

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SAFe POPM Course Schedule in Various Cities:

Bangalore    Chennai    Delhi-NCR    Hyderabad    Mumbai    Pune    Dubai

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