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Scaled Agile Framework's SAFe® 5.0 Advanced Scrum Master Training with SASM Certification in Hyderabad

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The training program has been designed to help the existing Scrum Masters be endowed with a range of skills needed to improve the project efficiency, productivity and over business performance in a setting that uses various SAFe frameworks and its practices. At the end of the training program all the candidates will be rendered exceptionally skilled in y implementing the Scales Agile framework in their business setting. Since there usually are several teams working in a business setup, the training program will leave the candidates adept in working in synergy with all other teams and sharing various resources with other teams.

Advantages of the training program

After undergoing the program, you will be able to utilize the following advantages.

·         Offer adequate training to make participants dexterous in various SAFe principles

·         Bolster continuous improvement in the business

·         Take care of Scrum and Agile anti-patterns

·         Execute various DevOps and Agile architecture habits.

·         Exceptional insights into Kanban  and XP frameworks

·         Indulge in various learning opportunities by involving with various Innovation Cycles and Practice Communities

Who can benefit from the training?

Despite being designed for all professionals to take part in, the training program will be markedly beneficial to the following professionals; Agile program managers and trainers, Current Scrum Masters, Project and team managers, Agile Team facilitators in any business having Agile or SAFe environment, Engineering and development managers, Prospect SAFe Release Train Engineers

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SAFe Advanced Scrum Master (SASM) Course Schedule in Various Cities:

Bangalore    Chennai    Delhi-NCR    Hyderabad    Mumbai    Pune    Dubai

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