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Scaled Agile Framework's Leading SAFE® 5.0 Training with SAFE® Agilist (SA) Certification Courses in Chennai

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Today, the marketplace has turned out to be a dynamic platform for change. With the evolving face of the market, you need to empower yourself with the skills that will enable you to adopt to the changes. The Scrum framework brings an advanced training program, Leading SAFe® with SA certification, which has the potential to train up employees to be more flexible and compatible with the changing needs of the market.

Trainees undergoing the 2-day course will get a better understanding of the Agile Framework. The dynamic market poses a challenge to every industry. It is necessary for your employees to learn how to change their functional approach at the right time. The training program will empower them with the key practices and principles of SAFe. The training program has tremendous potentials, that can help professionals working at various levels of your business. We have strategically developed this program to provide your employees with the Lean-Agile approach. This can enhance their project management skills to a large extent.

Employees undergoing the training will be proficient in the following aspects:

·         Identifying the Lean-Agile Mindset and integrating its principles in your business

·         Incorporating SAFe to train up your teams in Agile and Lean advancement.

·         Integrate and explore opportunities for expanding the business.

·         Empowering Lean portfolios, as required.

·         Developing large and complex solutions and coordinating among the professionals involved in the process.

·         Integrate various leadership abilities in Lean-Agile.

In a nutshell, our program encompasses an introduction to SAFe, SAFe principles, developing the Lean-Agile mindset and learning Pl planning. The employees will also be well-versed with the execution, exploration and integrating the benefits of SAFe in their business. In terms of leadership qualities, they can learn how to lead a Lead-Agile Enterprise.

The program has been developed for Portfolio managers, CIO’s, infrastructure managers, line managers and various other professionals in allied posts.

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