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Agile Scrum – Misc - Trainings & Certification Courses

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Agile methodologies along with Scrum framework has been gaining ground of late as the default choice for software development practices world wide. Whether it's product development or project delivery teams, Scrum has created a new way of developing workable products in a much more team as well as customer centric approach. We see that the need of the hour is agility everywhere and the same holds very true for software development as well.

Scrum framework is scalable and can be used at program level or even at very high complex projects involving multiple teams spread across regions. Scrum also provides much needed flexibility and customizations that companies do to make it suitable for their organization. Since product managers play a pivotal role in software product/solution development, they are referred to as product owners, a phrase much more meaningful and matches their accountability aspects.

Companies need agile coaching and scrum introductions to gear up their entire product development life cycle processes and there are plethora of basic as well as advanced agile and scrum training programs available to match the needs.

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