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SAP HANA Training, Certification Courses

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SAP HANA Training Program

The training program is designed to provide excellent training in all the fundamental concepts of SAP HANA.  Along with the same, after undergoing the training the candidates will be adequately endowed with necessary skills to deploy analytics in real-time and arrive at invaluable insights that can influence the course of the business and its growth strategies.

What are you going to learn from our SAP HANA Training Program?

Undergoing the training program, you will become exceptionally proficient in all facets of SAP HANA such as;

• SAP HANA basics, architecture terminology and all other features involved

• HANA Studio Modelers and work with the same to become an expert in HANA modeling

• Configuration, reporting and use SAP HANA for monitoring and creating dashboard 

• SAP HANA Interface, Connectivity and Client 

• SAP Business Operation Analysis and all types of processes in Auto Documentation 

• Working on compound and real-time HANA projects

• SAP HANA Administration including user management, security and storage 

• ABAP Data Flow, Master System Replication and Data Provisioning 

Why train with us?

The quality of the training program purely depends on the experience, training talents and the modules used for training. As such, the following will help understand why training with us is best;

Years of Experience: We have offered several training programs to various technology-driven businesses over the course of our existence as a premium training services provider. Our training has taught us a lot about various aspects about training people especially when it comes to technology related subjects.

Training Modules: As and when any changes take place in the related field of training, we update the modules to incorporate the changes to ensure that we are able to deliver exceptional value for the clients and their investments.

Professional Trainers: All our trainers have years of experience in training several corporate training groups and our trainers are veterans of the respective technological fields in the industry.

It is our promise that your training specifications will always be met, always.

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