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MongoDB Training, Certification Courses

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MongoDB Developer and Administrator Certification Training

Designed to endow the candidates with scrupulous knowledge in NoSQL and the skills of ingestion, sharding, query, data replication and data modeling, the MongoDB developer and administrator certification training will help the candidates found their career in MongoDB as developers and administrators.

Why MongoDB Developer and Administrator Certification Training?

As data management and administration have become one of the most essential elements that decide the quality of the business operations and its future growth plans, becoming expert in various technologies that help businesses manage their data efficiently.

After undergoing the training the candidates will become proficient in;

·         In writing and developing Node JS and Java applications by making use of MongoDB

·         Master the skills of Replication and Sharding of data in MongoDB to optimize read / write performance

·         Installation, configuring and in maintaining environment MongoDB

·         Creating and managing various indexes for several query implementation in MongoDB

·         In making use of diverse MongoDB tools to process huge quantities of data

·         Using MongoDB to storing a myriad of unstructured data, efficiently

·         Various backup methods, configuration and operational and monitoring strategies in MongoDB

·         Managing DB Notes

·         Concepts such as replica set and master-slave

Why the training from us?

As the training is one of the most sought after MongoDB programs for professionals who primarily function in the administrative and management verticals of several databases, it is adept to elevate the career into the next level. With years of experience, support from veteran trainers and carefully designed training solutions, our training will undoubtedly make you an expert in MongoDB to accept even the most dynamic challenges at work places.

Who can make us of our training?

Any junior or senior professionals aching to enhance their skillsets in NoSQL databases and MongoDB can make use of our training program. The training is currently opted by several;

·         Database architects administrators.

·          Software architects and developers.

·         Database, analytics and research professionals

·         System administrators and project managers.

IT developers and testers.

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