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SASS Scripting Training, Certification Courses

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SASS Scripting

Sass is a scripting language - compiled or interpreted in the form of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and SassScript is itself the scripting language. It comprises two syntaxes:

1.      The indented syntax, which is the original syntax. It uses syntax that is similar to Haml and uses indentation for separatingnewline characters and code blocks.

2.      The new syntax is the "SCSS" This one uses block formatting similar to that of CSS. In this format, braces are used to denote semicolons and code blocks and are used to separate lines in a block. The syntax is indented and has .sass and files have .scssas extensions.

Sass was designed by Hampton Catlin. It was further developed by Natalie Weizenbaum. Post its initial versions, Chris Eppstein and Weizenbaum continued to outspread Sass with SassScript - a simple scripting language used in all Sass files.

Training takeaway

The training aims at introducing the basics of the Sass- style sheet language Sass. Those who  enrol for the course would gain knowledge about the most professional, stable and robust professional grade CSS extension language that is accepted and recognized across the globe.

Training objectives

At the end of the course, participants of the course would be able to:

1.      Have an in depth knowledge on the scripting language Sass.

2.      Manage voluminous stylesheets

Training details

Bookmytrainings provides SASS trainings for career enhancement and offers a lot of flexibility in terms of time, location etc. There are subject matter experts who will make sure that one understands the subject and is able to apply it professionally. Simply log in to the website to get more details about the course.

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