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Bootstrap Framework helps professionals in building websites that would automatically reflect the screen resolution of each user, size of device and viewing experience. The technique used is that responsive web design. The training conducted by Bookmytraining helps students to become skilled professionals in the realm of creating responsive using CSS3, HTML5, jQuery, and JavaScript.

Training objective

After successful completion of this course, participants will achieve a moderate level of expertise in the art of developing web projects by using Twitter Bootstrap.

Training takeaways

At the end of the Bootstrap course, students would get to:

·         Customize Bootstrap

·         Comprehend the Typeahead

·         Comprehend the Carousel

·         Comprehend the Bootstrap File Structure

·         Comprehend the Model

·         Comprehend the Fluid Grid System

·         Comprehend the Default Grid System, Responsive Design

·         Comprehend the Dropdown Menus and the Button Groups

·         Comprehend the Breadcrumbs, Navbar, Labels, Pagination, and Badges

·         Comprehend the, Thumbnails, Typographic Elements, Alerts and Progress Bars

·         Comprehend Typography, Media Object, and Tables

·         Comprehend Forms, Buttons, Images and Icons

Target audience

This training would suite those who has a basic knowledge of CSS and HTML and have a keen interest towards website development.


Those who enrol for this course should be having knowledge of HTML 5, Basic knowledge of HTML and CSS and CSS 3.



The course would be taught by expert consultants who will ensure the imparting of correct knowledge that is applicable in one’s professional domain. 

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