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HTML 5, CSS - Training & Certification Courses

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Complete HTML and CSS Suite is a comprehensive training program that equips candidates with the fundamentals of HTML, advanced HTML, and CSS for Beginning Web Developers. The course includes a detailed study of HTML5 and the development of websites that would essentially include top -quality interactive features. The internet is evolving every second and there is a continuous need to develop web pages that are search-engine friendly. So employers too are on the search for trained professionals who have a complete knowledge of CSS and HTML and who are able to make websites accessible for a large audience.

Target audience

The HTML and CSS Suite is a comprehensive one and is suitable for beginners and advanced learners. It is ideal for mobile app developers, web designers, software engineers, web application developers, and those who have a technical background.

Course details

Course deliverables include:

·         9 complete HTML and CSS courses

·         HTML5 and CSS3

·         HTML and CSS

·         Responsive Website Design and Website Wire framing

·         Build a video player and 2 HTML5 games

·         CSS floating layouts and SASS


HTML is best used for the creation of web pages and is a custom markup language. Any particular web browser reads the HTML files and then converts them into web pages that are both visible and audible. There are HTML tags that are used for interpreting the contents of a webpage. It also describes the structure of the website. These HTML elements create structured documents in turn and this is done by contributing the structural semantics. CSS/CSS3 is used for describing both format and visuals of a particular document that is written in a mark-up language. This itself is a language for style sheets used for varying the user interfaces written in HTML and XHTML. CSS makes any website more responsive ensuring better user engagement.

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