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Hybrid Mobile Apps Development Training, Certification Courses

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Hybrid Mobile Apps Development

Knowing what is a hybrid mobile app

These are similar to the apps on your phone- can be installed on your device and are available in all app stores. Such applications are helpful in playing games, engaging on social media, taking photos, tracking health, and other activities. Hybrid mobile apps are an amalgamation of web based technologies like JavaScipt, HTML, and CSS. These are hosted in a native application- WebView which is a mobile platform.

Developing hybrid mobile apps

Hybrid applications are built on similar platforms, websites and technologies enabling them to access the hardware capabilities of any mobile device. These applications leverage the Apache Cordova platform because it consistently provides a set of JavaScript APIs for accessing device capabilities via plug-ins.

Why is it important for developers to go hybrid?

Developers get a chance to re-apply their existing skill for the development of hybrids. Stagnation in any of the proprietary platforms is not something that excites developers and therefore this is a good opportunity. In fact this kind of capability impacts an organizational bottom line since any organization can hire one developer for CSS, HTML, and JavaScript.

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