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Interviewing skills for hiring

Hiring managers often live with the misconception that they can hire candidates without any investment of energy, time in sketching out a specific procedure for an effective job interview. An interview is quite a serious matter since hiring on the basis of an incorrect evaluation session can lead to underperforming employees who would cost you both money and time. Therefore a skillset is a must have for hiring.

Here are some of the points to be kept in mind:

You may want to prepare a protocol for deciding who would be a good hire. Keep a few standardised forms and processes. This would make it easy to track and keep candidate information handy. You can also include a candidate form having details like detailed job description, hobbies and certain points that would be beyond skills like temperament, aptitude, attitude and motivation- things that would make a candidate successful in the role.

Providing scripted, behavioural interview questions is considered to be the most effective way to get information tactfully. These would lead to deeper levels of information that would in turn help you decide whether the candidate is a right fitment or not. A certain amount of probing is a must for any interview session to be successful. You can use the SARR method of probing which is quite a popular one or you can use your own set of questions through which you would get to know how they have behaved in the past for particular situations and how they would perform/behave in future.

The art of interviewing is acquired and mostly managers do not receive any formal training. In fact this type of training is also quite expensive. But in case there is a budget for such trainings, hiring managers should be trained and this would definitely have a positive impact on the organizational ROI.

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