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The ability of an individual to manage and identify one’s own emotions and that of others is termed Emotional Intelligence (EI) or Emotional Quotient (EQ). In general it includes:
i. Ability to manage emotions- this includes regulating a person’s own emotions along with having a calming and/or cheering effect on other people.
ii. Emotional awareness- the ability to control, channelize emotions and apply them to constructive tasks like problem solving and thinking.

The term appeared first in a paper published in 1964 by Michael Beldoch but the term was made popular by Daniel Goleman in his book written in 1995.

Knowing more

According to various studies conducted, those who have high EQ are mentally healthier and perform better in their jobs. They also have leadership skills and suffer less from mental ailments. But all of this can likely be attributed to general intelligence and personality traits rather than EI.

In the Annual Psychology journal, a review has been published stating a positive correlation between a higher emotional intelligence with the following:
i. Academic achievement – EI or EQ has a positive correlation with academics. Though not higher grades, a higher EQ is linked with better academic performance.
ii. Stronger social ties– It is noted that teens and children with higher EI interact better with people in their own families, friends, teachers.
iii. Positive nature– It is often perceived that people who are high on emotional intelligence are found to be more positive by others. These individuals are more pleasant to be with, are empathetic and socially more skilled.
iv. Better family and handling of intimate relationships – Higher emotional quotient is related with handling of personal relations- within the family and also with people with whom there are special ties.
v. Establishing social ties for adults – High emotional intellienge among adults is correlated with the capability to make interpersonal relationships successful and also leads to better perception of social ability.

Hiring for various roles, these days are looked through the EI or EQ lens to ensure that professionals perform better in the roles for which they are being selected. In fact this lens is being particularly helpful for promoting and developing existing staff as well. Our EQ courses are created by EQ experts and provides the basic understanding and helps one to know their EQ and how to improve them.

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