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As the name suggests Swift as a programming language has led to an ease of creation and made programming more creative; also the pace at which things can be done has increased tremendously. This scripting Language was bought into existence by Apple, to develop applications for Apple TV, Apple Watch, iOS and Mac. The idea was to develop a source through which just anyone with some basic knowledge could create something unique.

Swift- Making Programming Swifter than Ever

Aiding greatly to the already fertile and efficient Apple Technology, this open language provides real-time feedback, making it fast and object oriented. Swift Script can be amalgamated with ease into the already present Objective –C Code and this assimilation can happen in a seamless manner, flawlessly. Use of this programming language has actually escalated the application experience and has increased the safety quotient of apps many notches higher. For the developers the use of Swift has led to safer work zone and increased reliability, making this language an instant favourite.

Creating something incredible is every developers aim and every company’s need. Swift codes help immensely in this quest, as it is 2.6x faster than the Objective-C and is very simple to understand and quick to perform. Starting from a thrilling photography application, to an algorithm graph almost any application can be created using Swift. This is a real boon which makes it separated from the rest and as a favourite among all concerned.

Owing to the fact that it is an open and a free source with immense potential, this language has been incorporated in the computer programming curriculum of many institutes. Leaving no stone unturned to make this language stronger and more efficient, a separate community has been created through which the users can directly pour in their contributions to the Swift source code. This is surely yet another advantage.

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