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Programming is a task which is instilled by one’s creativity and fuelled by the use of latest Technology. Both these have to blend in a rational ratio to assure that end result is prolific and professional. Ruby is basically a general purpose programming language which is amongst the most popular programming languages of the world and there are several factors attributing to its favouritism and preference. Its origin dates back to around 20 years. The best of its use has been known in the field of Web Programming, though there are many other applications as well.

The World of Ruby on Rails

Now speaking of Rails, it is actually Ruby Programming Languages software code or in a more comprehensive manner it can be called the software library. Rails was christened by its developer as Ruby on Rails. Rails is a website building framework and for ease of maintenance and swifter collaborations it establishes codified conventions. Simplifying the task of creating some very complex websites, this software hub is the core of software libraries producing community. This community’s members make use of similar tools and provide an informal support to one another. These features make Rails an instant favourite among the Web start-ups, as they get an access to a rich source of software’s through Rails, making the task of creating complicated web sites a cake walk.

Ruby on Rails makes one study rails while learning Ruby instantly. This domain specific language has a very clearly demarcated set of directives which are distinct from Ruby. Guided by efficiency and precision, this web application framework facilitates application programming using the MVC pattern. Working on a cross-platform operating system, Rails is a software library, a web page, a database structure and a web service all in one. It is here to stay and learning it is therefore a wise decision to make right now.

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