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Extensive use of web for almost everything possible, led to immense pressure on the technology front to develop something which would enhance the web Pages. This demand led to the creation of PHP, which is web’s most sought after scripting language. This server sided language has actually done a lot to liven up the old HTML formats. A page which ends in PHP, signifies that the author has devised and written some code which can increase the functionality of the web page. And more functionality obviously means more favours.

Scripting the PHP Way

This Programming language which is known as- “Hypertext Pre-processor”, can enable an individual to undertake a plethora of functions like creating password login pages, forms or surveys. A detail check of a form can also be done using this programming language. PHP is so universal and seamlessly embedded with HTML that it can be used together with a variety of web frameworks and web contents. These features add a lot to its functionality and is the reason for its increasing popularity as well as preference.

PHP famously uses a blue elephant as its mascot, on its side this elephant carries the PHP logo. This language is used with the same fervour for general –purpose programming, as it is used for web-development, increasing its usability and dynamism. The fact that PHP is executed on the computer from which a particular page has been requested by you and not on your very own system, is a feature which makes it stand distinct from the other programming languages. Beginners at programming can easily understand and work with PHP even if they have no knowledge of other languages, thus creating a user-friendly environment for work.
If you are planning to step into the field of programming, PHP is a highly recommended one. It is easy to learn and you can do almost anything with it.

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