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New computer languages emerge each day and the existing ones keep on evolving. A language which formally came into existence to make repot processing easier and more convenient-Perl, is a dynamic and high-level programming language. Perl5 and Perl 6 are the integral parts of the Perl framework. These languages have gained widespread acceptance owing to their capacity to make work flexible. Flexibility is something that is always appreciated, especially in case of programming languages.

Perl- Making Programming a Flexible Affair

Perl 5 is basically a CGI scripting Language and is also used for network programming, graphics programming, bioinformatics and finance; there are several other areas as well. A massive work-base makes this language quiet sought after and highly popular. A continuous upgradation process in the Perl Scripting language has made it more and more apt for the current working standards and patterns, at the same time has led to its porting to meet different platform requirements.

To carry the process of technology advancement further, Perl 6 was brought into the scene. This programming language which has the same roots as Perl 5 has distinguishable properties which put it on an all- together different pedestal but far better. This scripting language boasts of a compatibility mode and runs on Parrot which is a virtual machine with cross language features.

Perl as a language has great influences from other scripts such as shell script, sed, C, AWK. The facility of quick and hassle free text manipulation is one of the most distinct features of this language. Both its segments are being continuously developed in a manner which is independent of each other, yet taking a cue from each other’s progress. This language which is object oriented, procedural and functional in nature, has brought a new ease and convenience of working across different platforms.
If you want to leverage it for your benefits, master it at the earliest.

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