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Technology has drastically impacted the way we live and even behave. Todays most used gadgetry is our own idiot box and this boon of technology understands only one language which is the programming language. So, mastering it is inevitable if you want to make use of the seamless scope availed.

JavaScript- A Dynamic Programming Language

The entire process of getting work done through various applications and making the task easier and simple on the web require one to create an apt programme which could be well understood by the computer system.

In accordance with this demand, a high-level and interpreted programming language called the JavaScript was devised out years ago. This Script is one of the most prominent and basic component through which the world web content is created and curated. Scheme and Self are the mother languages which have a great influence on JavaScript .Almost all the modern web browsers support this language and a number of non-web based environments also make prolific use of JavaScript. The reason for the creation of this programming language was the need to make the web more dynamic and lively.

The most interesting features of this script is the fact that it is dynamically typed, which means that the type’s association is not just with each expression but also with each variable. JavaScript is object based and has built in objects in small number. As far as the delegations are concerned, this language supports both explicit and implicit delegations. Anonymous functions are supported well under this dynamic scripting language, the dependency of JavaScript on the run-time environment is high and cannot be ruled out. This has to be understood.

Oracle Corporation owns the trademark of JavaScript, this language was designed by Brendan Eich. Highly employed by websites world over, this multi-paradigm language has given the web great functionality.

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