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Design thinking is a repeatable and proven, problem-solving methodology which is can be applied by any professional for achieving extraordinary results. It is often considered to be a host of innovations that integrates technology, requirements of people and business goals.

Key stages
1. Defining the problem- This stage is for finding out the issue, targeting the problem. If there is no clarity of the problem, then finding just the right solution is all the more complicated. Framing of the problem leads to creative and innovative solutions.
2. Considering the available options- it is easy to resort to existing solutions and problem solving with the help of conventional methods. Design thinking takes into consideration all the available methods and techniques and then select the unique one. Many solutions are created with multiple perspectives and contributions from the team. Designers also use 2D and 3D tools to explain the new ideas. This leads to better understanding and better solutioning.
3. Selecting and refining the options- the best and the most suitable among multiple options require careful selection. Design thinking allows the picking up of a bright idea and nurturing it well so that it does not die an untimely death. At this stage, numerous small ideas are clubbed and integrated for the best solution.
4. Pick and executing the best- at this stage, a lot of thought has already gone into finding solutions. Therefore the time now is to allocate resources for achieving the business goals. At this stage, prototypes are created and testing becomes increasingly critical. Usually, at the end of this stage, the process of problem solving is complete.

Design thinking when applied to innovative strategy, drastically increases the success rate. Organizations like Coca-Cola, Apple, Nike, Procter & Gamble, Whirlpool and IBM have outperformed the S&P 500 in the last decade by an awesome 219%, as per an assessment in 2014 by the Design Management Institute.

Our Design thinking training courses are aptly designed to provide the required knowledge and insights to help professionals, management teams, entrepreneurs to learn design thinking and how the concept can be applied practically in everything that they do.

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