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Service integration and management (SIAM) Training, Certification Courses

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Service Integration and Management, shortly referred as SIAM, is one of the Management practices gaining popularity in the ITIL environment to be able to support multiple service providers and integrate them to work towards to common Business goals.

The Professionals with the interest to explore their careers in ITIL can join the workshop. Effective implementation of SIAM in the Organizations help in integrating various processes in turn helping in the following areas –

·         Improved Customer satisfaction for every service provided.

·         Exceptional IT services through Optimizations and making use of the best practices

·         Better utilization of resources and their skills

·         Faster resolutions to the Business needs and ensures that Customer gets best deals and services from the Service providers

As SIAM certified Professionals, you will be recognized for your contribution in integrating the Service providers into a single system. This will ensure that Customers can completely rely on the Service provider and get the best services and quicker responses to the Business requirements. This in-turn helps in healthy relationships between the in-house and the Outsourced teams.

Join our workshop and get certified to become proficient in the methodologies used in Service Integration And Management. In this workshop, you will start with the core principles and terminologies.  Gradually you will understand the capabilities and the challenges or risks involved in it. You will learn on the various structures, tools, data considerations along with the Roles and responsibilities within the Team.

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