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Data Protection - Trainings & Certification Courses

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Data Protection, in simple language, is the protection of personal data about the individual that exists on various platforms. This includes what we as individuals hold dear on one side, but is also important for both private and public organisations to protect.

The threat to personal data can be from state or non-state actors; from careless omissions to malafide hacks; from the largest companies to the niche startup. It has the ability to make, break or shake a company to its core. Some of the largest social media players in the market today are going on over-drive to address this issue. The trickle down effects to other players will be the same.

Given this backdrop and the looming fines of 4% or 20 Million Euro for GDPR (similar expected in the draft Indian Personal Data Protection Bill), it is vital that the resources hired or existing must have the knowledge of the laws or management of privacy within the organization.

Industries across the board are hit by this. Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals, Education, Hospitality, Market Research, Marketing and Advertising, BSFI, Human Resource, Retail, E-commerce and Internet, FMCG, Mobile App, Cloud Computing, Reg Tech, IT and Software, Outsourcing Industry, Agri Tech, IoT, Gaming, Media and Online Media, NGOs, Real Estate, Motion Pictures and Films, Automobiles, Electrical and Electronic Manufacturing, Oil and Gas, Investors, Transport, Utility all need to take care of the personal data that its customers provide to it. The need to have trained employees in Data Protection thereby increases manifold.

Even internally in a company, each unit has a role to play here, be it HR, Sales, Marketing and PR, Payroll, L&D, Finance and Accounts, Legal and Compliance, Information Security, Administration, Analytics, Logistics, Customer Care, Auditors, Top Management and Leadership, professionals and vendors. The needs of each are different and how this needs to be achieved is different but the goal as an organization still remains the same. 

What we provide is a targeted training and awareness sessions. We believe that there is no one right way to engage with the audience. However, audience engagement is key for compliance to laws and policies of organizations. We, in our workshops and training/awareness sessions believe in this concept. As a result, we bring in different perspectives and methods to engage the trainees. We also bring in practical applications to drive home the requirements of the laws and for compliance. Our trainers are experts Data Protection Professional from the Industry who have worked and are constantly working globally in this field.

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