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Talent Acquisition Professional Training, Certification Courses

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Positive Impacts of Recruitments with STA Certification:

Talent Acquisition is an important process of every Business that identifies the best Talents in the competitive market and bring them into the Business to progress together to meet the Organizational goals. There is a need of huge transformation in the way Organization recruit the resources.

This program is for the TA Professionals and the Senior Management of the HR department who wish to refine their skills and grow. In our workshop, you will gain knowledge on advanced practices of the recruitment and get an opportunity to get familiarized with the techniques to accurately estimate the manpower based on the Business plans within a reasonable budget. You will get an exposure to variety of techniques applicable in the selection process during the interviews.

Our Trainers will make you learn about the innovative strategies applied in the Talent Acquisition in the recent recruitments to make a stronger Employer-Employee  satisfaction, in turn bringing down the attrition rate of the Organization. Trainers will help you understand the vast difference between recruitment which is just about the positions in the organization whereas Strategic Talent Acquisition focusses on a long term vision of filling the positions in the Organization with the suitable candidate.


They hold a huge responsibility of planning the recruitment process, assess the Candidates, hire and Onboard the best Talents at the designated levels in the Organization. Getting certified as in STA will help you identify and assess the great talent who can help in taking your Business to reach heights.

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