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POSH or Prevention of Sexual Harassment Training: New Address for Employee Safety

As much as it is disturbing, it is a known fact that workplace harassments that are sexual in nature are a growing nuisance in organizations of almost all types. As the number of women in the corporate world increases, the incidents are also alarmingly on the rise.

Such incidents have a malicious effect on the morale of the employees, their motivation, the organization’s reputation and the overall well-being of everyone associated with the organization. This scenario is what leads to the incorporation of orientation trainings for employees to understand, prevent and safeguard themselves from any such atrocity. POSH or Prevention of Sexual Harassment Training is the right move to make.

POSH training is aimed to provide a concrete understanding about the ways and means that must be adopted by the organizations to prevent any such mishaps, protection of the employees under the law governing all such mishaps and what constitutes as sexual harassment etc.

One of the major constraints that prevent organizations from effectively addressing or preventing such mishaps is the ignorance that surrounds it. POSH training programs are usually designed in such a way that it is beneficial to the employees, the organization and all the parties associated with the organization. Adopting it is a mandate in present corporate scenario.

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