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Human Resource is the vital department of any organization and its operations are very crucial. It takes care of recruiting the employees, training them, job evaluation, performance appraisal, compensation, welfare of the employees and so on. Thus there are several roles of Human resource personnel. Human Resource (HR) Audit deals with the complete functionalities of all these roles.

If there is any dispute amongst the employees of the company, it is the duty of a HR professional to look into the matter and get it sorted out. Likewise, there are several laws that are made to benefit the employees so that a perfect working environment is provided to the employees.

Need of Human Resource Audit:

A Human Resource Audit is a must so that the company follow the legal obligations and statutory regulations.

Approaches to Human Resource Audit:

Comparative approach:
The competitor company is set as a model and the results are compared to particular company and industry. Tis is recommended most of the times, though serious exceptions are there.
Compliance approach:
The auditors will check the past experience of the company and will confirm whether these actions were as per the industry standards or not. There are several policies and the company must follow them.
Management by Objective Approach:
Every company has goals and the entire work is focussed to meet these goals. Management by objective approach focusses whether the performance is as per the goals or are there any deviation. The changes will depend post the analysis.
Statistical approach:
The company provides all the information to form the statistical measures. This is yet another effective approach followed by many companies.
Outside authority approach:
A benchmark will be set by the auditors and the comparison will be done accordingly. The standard will be set by the outside consultant and the performance will be compared.

Hope this article has been informative. Every firm must follow the industry standards and the laws to ensure that Human Resource (HR) Audit process is carried out smoothly. If you wish you can enrol into any Human Resource Audit courses that can be of immense help.

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