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Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA) Training, Certification Courses

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FEMA 1999 on Trade Finance

As foreign trade has become the norm of the world primarily leveraged by the advances in technology, it has become important that businesses involve in foreign trade and business know about every other rules and regulations that govern the foreign trade. With this intention in mind and to equip businesses comply with various rules and regulations pertaining to foreign trade, we have designed the training program covering all the important aspects of FEMA 1999.

Why FEMA 1999 on Trade Finance Training?

One of the most important aspects of carrying out trade and business with foreign countries is the exchange rate pertaining to these transactions. Since it involves large sums of money with different transaction rates with different countries for different tax structures, it can definitely become an issue if not regulated. It can even pose threats to the existence of the business as any issue in taxation can become a blotch in the image of the business at the international market.

Why train with us?

Unlike most other training programs, FEMA 1999 training requires real-life insights as it can help the candidates understand the issues that might arise if these rules are not complied with. We are one of the most sought-after, because;

·         We are one of the most experienced training agencies in India who deliver specific and emphasized training solutions to businesses from any business and industry verticals involved with foreign trade directly or indirectly.

·         We also have some of the veteran trainers who have immense experience in working with the industries directly over years. As such, they bring with them a unique set of insights and real-life learning that most other trainers cannot offer.

·         In order to respond quite effectively with the specific requirements of the training group, our training modules are exceptional, value-adding and constantly updated with all the latest developments in the legal and taxation aspects of foreign trade.


As such, having thorough knowledge in FEMA 1999 with the help of our training can help the business sail without any hiccups on the international market with ease and comfort.

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