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Puppet Training:

DevOps is the latest Software Delivery Process in the IT industry that emphasizes on the synchronization between Development team and Operations team in order to manage the Infrastructure and Processes effectively. The key role of a DevOps Engineer is to manage the Infrastructure and Systems with the latest updates and secure them from malicious threats. Generally, the traditional manual process consumes a lot of time to configure the virtual machines and it takes almost 3 weeks to one month, to deploy the critical applications or new changes into the system. That's how, Puppet came into existence to manage the Infrastructure efficiently. The Training will add value to the following profiles – 

System, Storage, Windows and Network Administrators, Cloud and Operations Engineers.

The most repetitive tasks during Configuration, Deployment and Maintenance of Servers can be automated so that the System Administrator can focus on the new challenging tasks and build Solutions for them. Automations not only save the time for deploying the changes but also money, in turn, the Operator gets a lot of time to learn new things. Operators manage the resources by writing reusable codes which can be portable to different environments. The most interesting feature of the widely adapted resolution ‘Puppet’ is that Puppet is an iteration which never stops at the deployment phase, it rather keeps verifying the Configurations at the specified timelines.

So come and join us to meet our Certified Trainers who will demonstrate various techniques to automate the Process starting from OS, moving on to Networking later, reaching to Middleware layer and finally all the way to Application layer to deploy the individual Pain points.

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