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EXIN DevOps Master Training, Certification Courses in Delhi

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Upskill yourself with DevOps Master Certification:

Software Industries are growing at a higher pace. Agile methodology has proved to be the best way of tracking the progress of the Development phase. These industries are adopting the latest methodologies like Agile processes and collaboration of Development and the Operations teams to ensure timely delivery for an efficient product. DevOps is the latest talk of the leading industries where the responsibilities are equally shared between the Development and the Operation team. and that’s how the demand for the DevOps Professional is huge in the market. This association is basically to reduce the timespan of the Development phase and maintain them using the automated processes wherever needed.

EXIN is known to offer a variety of Certifications in the different platforms, introduces ‘DevOps Master’ Certification for the individual to showcase the proficiency in the principles and skills in DevOps. 

Pre-requisites for the Certification:

Aspirant should have the basic knowledge on Agile process, principles of DevOps and IT service management and the related terminologies. 

Certified Professionals are highly in demand in the market so this Certification will help you to upskill yourself and contribute to the DevOps implementation and ensure to capture defects at the QA levels which will be a very valuable step in the Organizations in terms of growth in Business. Get Certified and get recognized by the industry leaders to explore new opportunities.

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EXIN DevOps Master Training Schedule in Various Cities:

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