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CHEF Training, Certification Courses

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CHEF - Prepare your own Recipes and cookbooks:

Many Configuration Management tools are available in the market to automate the processes. One such tool which is getting Popular in the market is Chef. We introduce you to the fundamentals of Chef in the form of our workshop which is specifically designed for the IT Professionals who are playing the role of an Engineer in Cloud/ Operations or an Administrator in Windows server, Unix/ Linux, Network and Virtualization. This workshop will provide you a basic understanding of Chef's Architecture, its core components, common tools and the basic troubleshooting techniques. It does not require any prior experience in programming but it definitely needs the zeal to automate processes. You can maintain a repository of your code and enhance it to resolve the real time scenarios in your Business.

Join us to learn the latest tools emerging in the market. Our Professional Trainers will demonstrate the exercises through the real-time scenarios for the ease in understanding these crucial concepts. They will train you from installing the Chef Development kit to developing your own recipes and cookbooks. You will gradually learn to use your recipes and test them locally and enhance the functionality. At the end of our workshop, you will be able to create and deploy the Chef Architecture confidently in order to automate your processes wherever necessary so that you can focus on more challenging tasks in your Process to generate the revenue.

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