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To make the most of unstructured data, many organizations are resorting to Hortonwork’s Hadoop. It is a popular platform that allows the storing, processing and analysing – petabytes of data. Tableau is empowering business people, to easily and at a lightning fast speed, gain insights in the enormous Hadoop datasets. Linking between Tableau to Hadoop is made easy with the aid of native connectors and so is setting up the connection with the performant database. Hadoop is another data source to Tableau and therefore there is no need for any special configuration.

The basic advantage of Tableau is that it brings data into a speedy, ‘in-memory’ analytical engine for handling rapid queries and connecting directly to the performant database. Tableau makes it very simple to work with XML files, processing and unpacking data while on the move, making it truly flexible. Added advantage is that it works in perfect tandem with the query software like Hive and Impala.

Tableau does not require the user to have prior knowledge of any query language but never the less provides analytical interface to make big data management easy. It bridges the gap between Hadoop and the much required BI analytics tools. It is also integrated with Hadoop which adds on to its ease of use – you just need to know the particular Hadoop cluster that requires analysis and you are done.

Tableau was designed for real-time conversations across data spreading over the numerous data platforms. Users who require analysis to appear at their fingertips within seconds have resorted to this particular tool for acquiring valuable insights from data.

Our Tableau training courses are well designed to suit the learning needs of big data professionals to learn and apply them to get the insights and generate value easily.

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