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Power BI

Microsoft’s Power BI is a popular business analytics service that aims at making professionals more and more self-sufficient. With this service, it is very easy for professionals to prepare dashboards and reports. Self-service business intelligence capabilities and thoroughly interactive visualizations have helped remove dependency on database administrators and information technology staff.

Your data might be placed on a simple Excel sheet, it could be available in the data ware houses or it could also be on the cloud - Power BI helps you connect to the data sources, understand which data is important and then share it with your target group. The service is extremely agile and is capable of deriving fast insights from any source. Therefore Power BI can be your tool for visualization and reporting besides playing the role of an analytics and decision engine in your organization.

It consists of 3 parts:

  1. Power BI Desktop- it is a Windows desktop application
  2. Power BI service- Saas (Software as a service)
  3. Power BI apps- applications available on Windows based tablets, phones, android devices and iOS.

These components are designed for letting professionals share, create and derive business insights in a customized manner.

Typically, a report is created in Power BI desktop, it is published to the Power BI service. Then it is shared with the users of Power BI apps.

Microsoft National clouds

There are three separate national clouds in which Power BI is available in. These clouds provide similar of privacy, security, transparency and compliance. It is the same as the global version. It is a combination of local regulations on service delivery, access, control and data residency.

Training and courses

Power BI helps looking out for innovative methods to find and present data. To get training and insights from experts, you can enrol in our courses that will help you get a stronghold on the topic. Our certified trainers will impart this training either online or in the class room through which you would be able to explore the entire collection of features and services.

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