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Apache Storm Training, Certification Courses

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Apache Storm Certification Training

The training program is carefully conceived so as to endow the candidates with all the knowledge and experience needed in planning, installing, and configuring the platform along with its architecture. Our training program is carefully designed understanding the practical applications of the same so that the candidates are able to effectively understand Apache Storm and how it can be utilized for real-time processing and understand how it integrates with Cassandra, Java, and Kafka.  The training rendered by us will surely help the candidates prepare themselves to stream process Apache Storm’s big data technology.

Why Apache Storm Certification?

An Apache Storm certification through our training will prepare the candidates in various spectrums of Apache Storm and in processing real-time events on with Big Data. Upon completing the training, you will be adept in;

·         The architecture and all the elementary concepts of Apache Storm

·         Planning, installing and configuring Apache Storm

·         Comprehending such concepts as processing and ingesting of real-time incidents with Apache Storm

·         Quickly understanding various fundamentals of Trident annex of Apache Storm

·         Understanding Apache Storm’s Grouping & Data Insertion

·         Comprehending everything about Interfacing Apache Storm with Cassandra, Java, and Kafka

Why the certification from us?

In delivering the training that aims to develop the various skillsets of the candidates in Apache Storm and become an exceptional developer in Big Data Hadoop. Being one of the experienced professional trainers, we are adequately endowed with;

·         Unmatched experience: We have been delivering specific and emphasized training program for businesses and organizations from a myriad of industry verticals for years.

·         Well conceived training modules: As per the demands of the industry and the changing requirements of the candidates, we update our modules to ensure that the candidates get the most relevant and best training from us.

·         Trained trainers and facilitators: We also have a range of professional trainers and facilitators who can deliver exceptional training for candidates making use of several experiential learning and training methods.


We have crafted the training program so as to prepare professionals such as data analytics and research professionals, IT testers and developers, data scientists and projects managers to not only meet the challenges of now but also of the future.

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