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Apache Impala Training, Certification Courses

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Impala Training Course

Conceived to equip the candidate in all the fundamental concepts in Massively Parallel Processing (MPP) SQL query, the training program is best suited for all professionals who want to develop a comprehensive profile in big data and Hadoop. As Impala is a highly sought-after open source SQL engine for Hadoop, the demand for applications of the same in big data has been on the rise, increasingly.

Why Impala Training Course?

The training program is so developed that once it is completed, the candidate will have a comprehensive understanding of the most-preferred open source SQL engine for Hadoop, Impala. Impala training is highly sought after by professionals wanting to make good in Hadoop because;

·         Impala has become one of the most preferred open source SQL engine for Hadoop by analysts and data scientists.

·         Impala makes analyses of the data stored on Hadoop easier with the help of several business intelligence tools or SQL.

·         For people who want to build a strong career in big data and Hadoop, this training program will provide the impetus needed by them.

·         The training program is also designed to help the candidates gain knowledge in SQL and other common scripting languages.

Why Undergo Impala Training Course with Us?

One of the most important aspects that every candidate looking to get trained in Impala must take care of is the trainer they get associated with. Since Impala is a very specialized area to be trained in, you must ensure the support of a professional training center that is equipped with experienced trainers and relevant and updated training materials. Being such a training center, we are professionally experienced to ensure, once the training is over, all our candidates will be skillful in;

·         Describing Impala and how it is significant in Hadoop eco-system

·         Explicating on how to use impala SQL in various data queries

·         Explaining about Impala tables, its partitioning and its benefits

·         Understanding, listing and illustrating the aspects that affect Impala’s performance

·         Comprehensive explaining how an SQL query execution flows in Impala.


Our training will endow the candidates with profound understanding of everything related to querying in Impala and Hive as well as Impala architecture, statestore, daemon and catalogue support.

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