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Entry Certificate In Business Analysis(ECBA) Training, Certification Courses

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Entry Certificate in Business Analysis (ECBA)

The ECBA level is recognition for those individuals who are entering into business analysis. It targets students who have enrolled themselves in BA academic programs, those who are fresh graduates, functional managers who manage business analysts but are not analysts themselves and those professionals who are in the mode of transitioning their careers. 

ECBA eligibility requirements

Candidates need to have a minimum of 21hours of professional development within a time span of 4 years. Development outside the mentioned time frame would not be considered. An hour of contact or classroom time is equivalent to an hour of professional development. These hours can be reported in15 minute increments after the completion of one full hour. However if the added fractions is less than a span of one hour, there is no credit of hours

ECBA needs to be either one or combination of:

1.       Various online courses and classroom like the EEP endorsed courses

2.       Recorded or live webinars for example the IIBA webinars

3.       Tutorials, Conference track sessions, various workshops and keynotes

4.       Chapter events for example participating in conferences, presentations, workshops and study groups

5.       Self-learning by reviewing and/or reading the BABOK® Guide v3


The examination process is delivered live via the web. To appear for the exam, candidates should have a laptop or a desktop, a functional webcam, and a microphone. For appearing in the exam, the candidate’s IIBA profile name should match the government identification.

The examination would continue for 1 hour and it would have 50 multiple choice questions aligned to the BABOK® Guide Version 3. 

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