Is there anything called Training etiquette? Wow !!

Training Etiquettes

Etiquette conveys a lot about the overall demeanour of an individual in the modern day world. It is therefore, an art that should be practiced well enough to stand apart from the crowd.

Gaining to this need of the hour, training etiquette has have also found an eminent importance. Some of the very common training etiquette codes that are to be practiced are given as follows:

Punctuality is to be maintained at any cost. A delayed arrival to the training venue is a strict no-no. However, arriving early to the venue for more than 5 minutes of the scheduled time should also never be practiced.

  • Get everyone introduced in case they do not know one another. A few introductory lines on oneself will definitely help a lot in presenting him or her to the group.
  • The dressing sense should be kept as formal as possible. The dress colours should also be soft, and not too bright and vivacious. The perfumes, colognes, or aftershave lotions, as applied, should also evoke a subtle scent and not a strong fragrance.
  • In a meeting, the cellular phones should be kept silent or in a vibrating mode so that it does not interrupt the flow of the ongoing discussion. In case of any urgency, however, the related person can seek for an excuse to inform the caller about his or her inability to take the call at that moment.
  • When a person is talking about something or delivering a speech, other members should not interrupt him or her. However, any query or suggestion on the discussed topic must be noted down and placed before the speaker once he or she has finished delivering the speech.
  • Raising voice is considered to be very rude. Always be polite while placing an argument to negate any proposal or even in countering the same.


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