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ITIL® stands for IT Infrastructure Library. Firstly, ITIL® was introduced by CCRA, the Central Computer and Telecommunication agency in the form of a series of comprehensive as well as inter related codes for practice. In Information technology related community use of such codes is considered extremely beneficial for achieving the efficient support and high quality delivery, cost effective services etc. CCTA has been renamed as Office of Government Commerce (OGC) and it maintains all the relevant updates related to ITIL®. Priestly, OGC works as an independent organization, and its autonomous status is one of the reasons behind the wide use of ITIL®. 

Different courses of ITIL Certification

The Foundation Level certification is the basic level of ITIL® qualification which highlights standard terminology and emphasizes approach for the overall basic knowledge requisite for ITIL® Services Support and relevant Service Delivery. Candidates will learn a basic comprehensive conception about what ITIL® is and how its methodology is implemented in the workplace.

The Intermediate Level of certification is the next to basic level of ITIL® certification. This level comprises of a series of educational modules that candidates may select as per discretion, subjectto individual necessities. The intermediate modules are classified into two main subsections; Service Lifecycle, which includes a high level management emphasis about several ITIL® processes, and Service Capability, which provides the candidate specialized, process-level understanding one or more than one ITIL® processes. To be eligible for completion of the Intermediate Level of qualification, candidates need to pass one additional module, the ITIL® Managing across the Lifecycle qualification, which is meant for those aiming to complete the Expert Level certification.

The life-cycle modules of ITIL® Service:

  • Service Design (SD)
  • Service Strategy (SS)
  • Service Transition (ST),
  • Continuous Service Improvement (CSI) and
  • Service Operation (SO) 

Service Capability Modules of ITIL are:

  • Planning, Protection & Optimization (PP & A)
  • Release, Control and Validation (RC & V)
  • Service Offerings, Agreements (SO & A)
  • Operational Support Analysis (OS & A) 

The ITIL® Expert Level of certification provides candidates with the understanding and skills essential to appreciate the complete ITIL® scheme from all its knowledge aspects. Also designed in a modular format, candidates are allowed here to select from a diversity of ITIL® courses based on personal discretion as well as professional requirements. For achieving Expert Level certification, candidates should have the basic qualification including achieving a complete ITIL® service lifecycle.

For ITIL® professionals involved in the planning, management, and operation of IT service management functions, Master Level certification can extra strengthen the ability of practical application of ITIL® understanding and expertise in a variety of industry settings. The Master Qualification Certificate authenticates that an ITIL® professional is capable to establish a progressive knowledge and relevant application of ITIL® application within the workplace for achieving a productive outcome.

The benefits of ITIL® course

The certification can improve the professional expertise of IT managers, business analysts, and business consultants. The certification displays potential and commitment to achieve personal success as well as demonstrates the drive to stay ahead of the competition in the related IT field. The certified professional can communicate the same language as global standards of ITIL® professionals and will be able to form a network.

Managers with ITIL® expertise can influence and impact individual companies by accurately measuring IT service performance and efficiently streamlining data management in ways that expand general competence, turnaround time, and communication within the company as well as with customers. As the all information in this sector come through IT channels which tends to increase, the demand for highly-skilled IT professionals with this professional expertise is also high on demand. ITIL® certification offers an opening to keep ahead of that professional competition and a rewarding professional career.

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