Is IOT Automation is really the NEXT BIG job market?

The questions on the mind of most IT professionals lately are ” Is the IOT revolution really going to happen in India? ” “How many Automation Job positions are Companies really hiring for?” ” Is all the noise about IOT , Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics  being  the jobs of the future really true?”

The answer is YES. In fact it is happening right now and right under our noses.

Today we try to automate tasks in our own lives as much as possible. We have replaced maids with intelligent robotic mops, newspaper-walas with personalized newspaper feeds, even tutors with personalized learning apps. Mundane tasks of shopping (“ALEXA can you order my monthly groceries on Amazon?”), reminders for when your car needs a service or to know when your next appliances warranty will expire is all done through AUTOMATION. It is either Sensors or Artificial Intelligence in some form that’s doing all the work.

Naturally a team of IoT Managers, IoT Business Designers, IoT developers, Data Analysts and UI/UX designers were behind creating these solutions

What about the FUTURE?

Need we say the obvious? “IOT will impact 120,000 jobs in India by 2021” – Economic Times, 2016.  Gartner predicts by 2021, around 26 billion items will comprise computer chips, each wirelessly connecting non-living devices to the internet to record each phase of human life.

In October 2017, Qualcomm, the big daddy of smartphone chips, announced upcoming 5G network protocol, based on ‘millimetre wave, which is specifically designed for better IoT operations.

The IOT revolution too like other industrial revolutions of our past will change the tech landscape. We have to learn to adapt and embrace this change which makes our lives easier and exciting, while opening huge amount of job opportunities.

HOT beds for IoT career are UK, Toronto, Helsinki, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Taiwan and more.

What Technical Skills Sets do you need for an IoT position?

Mobile Technologies: Mobile Technology is at the forefront of the IOT platform as all these devices need an app for User interaction. The programmers will lead the pack, so your Java and Android knowledge is definitely useful.

Data Management:  Data Analytics forms the core of IOT tech platform as IOT devices generate large amounts of data to be stored , processed and analyzed for improving  your application.

Embedded Systems: sound knowledge of embedded systems and microprocessors will be a boom. The knowledge of programming the same to control hardware with code.

Artificial Intelligence: IOT does not work effectively without the Artificial Intelligence to support it, so all your Python programing skills will truly be of value

So Gear up today and GET SKILLED for your Future!

Learn to build an IOT-Cloud-AI prototype and simultaneously skill yourself with all these technologies in a Single Program. Instead of just knowing just the theory and concepts you will practically build a Mobile Digital Wallet application using IOT (NFC), Google FireBase Cloud Data Management, AI Analytics through Python, and Alexa Skills Integration for Conversational UX.

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