ECH providing a strong base for securing Information technology globally

The advent of Internet users all over the world has increased the demand for E-commerce professionals.  The International Council of E-Commerce Consultants (EC) is known to be one of the professional organizations for training the E-commerce professionals. It was established in United States having its headquarters in New Mexico apart from affiliates and members worldwide.

Many organizations are today facing several internal threats from the trusted and known sources. The core root to the breach of information is basically due to the lack of up-to-date information, knowledge and attention towards the security of Information Technology. Any good knowledge of the IT security can help the professionals to defend themselves from breach of valuable information.

Special Features of getting trained at EC:

  •  EC aims to provide these professional with all the necessary and advances skills to become proficient in any e-business industry today.
  • The certification programme offered by the EC council includes training in both business and technical field that forms a strong base for aspiring businesspeople in e-business.
  • Techniques of advance security, availability, open standards and scalability are taught to the professionals with a sole aim to develop boundary free applications for them.
  • The training benefits many auditors, security officers, site administrators and all those who are especially concerned to study the network infrastructure from the base.
  • The organization provides each and every student with an interactive environment where they will be given training to scan, hack, test, and secure their entire security systems.
  • The laboratory testing environment provide an in-depth knowledge as well as practical experience to the trainers
  • The organization apart from having a network of 450 partners trained globally also certifies professionals in skills of e-business and information security.

International Council of E-Commerce Consultants has so far trained thousands of professionals who are today in a high demand in the e-business and industry. Amongst these professionals are all some of the successful firms, financial institutions and companies who have already benefited by utilizing the services of this organization.


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