Information security is a one of the vital aspects of security dimensions in a network. It aims to defend information from unethical access, leakage attacks, manipulative actions and destruction. Large enterprises take security as a serious area of challenge during their organizational setup. The security is an inadvertent factor which is taken care of irrespective of size and business of an organization. Checkpoint is a global software firm which provides engineered products on IT security, thus ensuring security of data and network. In this article, we shall take a walkthrough of a typical process flow followed by Checkpoint.

Security Challenges

Checkpoint identifies the probable areas where security can be at a toss and runs the risk of attacks. During the Checkpoint Experience event at Barcelona, the product head listed down the key challenges in security. He assured that the checkpoint product suite handles these features.

1. Ensure Web 2.0 security
2. IT security budget
3. Secure virtual environments and cloud based data centers
4. Maintain security during platform integration like mobiles and gadgets
5. Ensure information compliance
6. Protection against attacks
7. Destruction or loss of sensitive data

Information Security Management

Checkpoint strategic offerings include stack of products which can be used by Information Security (IS) managers and Information Technology (IT) managers. The process flow for securing the organizational data goes as below –

Identification of assets and units – The stage builds up an hierarchical tree of assets, units and locations. Meanwhile, it also keeps track of IS activities and procedures involved at each node of the tree.

Identification of threats and Control Assessment – The stage identifies threats on with each and every asset or unit, assess them and formulate the controls to pacify the threats. The vulnerable areas are marked and documented with supporting evidences. While assessing the threats and their vulnerabilities, threats can be clicked through a tough questionnaire or a thorough impact analysis. Controlling actions can be linked to the threats to record their effectiveness and immune the threat.

Security Incidents – Any activity within the hierarchical tree is an event or incident. The security event and its impacts must be properly analyzed so as to draw considerable conclusions which can be utilized to improve the threat controlling mechanisms.

Tasks and notification management – The software provides an interactive provision to create alert message and notifications. These notifications are then linked to the tasks and actions to be invoked during follow up. Notifications can be directed to the webmail for necessary actions as required. Customized alert definition enhances the flexibility and interactivity.

Reports and management dashboards – Raw reports can be generated using the in built reporting tool. The reporting templates are pre defined ones wherein the reports can be exported to appropriate and desired file formats. The tool has the provision to create templates for specific reporting objectives. The reporting dashboard appears to be iconic and self explanatory.

Checkpoint product suite

Checkpoint offers the security products for security gateways, security management, endpoint security, and services. Checkpoint security appliances are engineered devices with pre installed software to produce comprehensive security gateway solution. Besides the engineered hardware, security gateway solutions also include customizable software offerings which can fit into virtual environments, cloud setups, and mobile solutions.

Checkpoint certifications

Checkpoint certifications enables the security professionals to showcase their ability to maximize security for an enterprise while implementing Checkpoint products. Certifications enhance visibility, credibility and help them to explore better job opportunities. The certifications from checkpoint are globally recognized, therefore the candidates yield profitable returns throughout their career. Refer to the Checkpoint certification link (

Here is the list of Checkpoint certifications –

1. Checkpoint Certified Master Architect (CCSMA)
2. Checkpoint Certified Security Principal Associated (CCSPA)
3. Checkpoint Certified Security Administrator NGX (CCSA)
4. Checkpoint Certified Security Expert (CCSE)
5. Checkpoint Certified managed Security Expert (CCSMSE)
6. Checkpoint Certified Specialist
Checkpoint Certified Specialist – Connectra
Checkpoint Certified Specialist – Integrity
Checkpoint Certified Specialist – Interspect
Checkpoint Certified Specialist – IPS1
Checkpoint Certified Specialist – Pointsec PC




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