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Best IT certifications – 2016

IT industry is changing day by day as new techniques evolved and more aggressive products and services overtake lesser ones. If you plant to stick to your old certifications, then it is a big mistake. The industry moves forward with many new programs sprouting up every year. This articles discusses some of the highlighted ones of 2016.

Be it an enterprise or a small business management, your certifications define what you are and who you aim to be. The same rule applies in healthcare and government sector also. An excellent position requires you to stay on top of career programs in the industry in which you have expertise.

Certified Ethical Hacking/ Computer Forensics: It tops the chart as it did in 2015. The importance of security has helped ethical hacking industry to stay on top of the chart of must attain certification in 2016.

CISSP and CASP: Security has been the concern of any business or industry in the past few years and the trend seems to be more stable in 2016. There are numerous hackers with different motives to steal information. Certifications in CISSP and CASP helps you to stay right on track in the security arena for few years to come.

CCNA/CCNP: Once again, CCNA from Cisco has earned the right to be placed inside the top three thanks to its wide reach and countless security parameters. Access to Cisco routers and network systems is possible only with the help of a certified expert which makes it important to acquire one.

VMware vSphere: An interesting addition to this year’s top certification chart is vSphere from VMware. It helps to configure and manage virtual workstations. Knowledge of VMware technologies is important to have an understanding of how networks perform.

These IT certification reminds us of the importance of secure networks. It is interesting to find that most of the systems deployed in 2015 are reliable even after an year thanks to the above said certified experts.


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