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SAFe® Program Portfolio Management (PPM) Training, Certification Courses

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This workshop toolkit is a two day session where participants would get to learn about the techniques and tools that would be required to achieve the desired business results and also implement Budget, Governance and Lean-Agile Program Portfolio. Some of the other important points that participants would learn are:

1.       Implementation and usage of the Portfolio Kanban system which would increase the flow of value to various programs.

2.       SAFe practices that would increase Value Flow and provide support to Lean-Agile Program Portfolio Management, Software Capitalization, Lean-Agile Budgeting, Agile Lifecycle Governance.

Course details

The broad topics that would be covered are:

1.      How to lead with a capability of applying the SAFe Portfolio

2.      Managing the Portfolio Context

3.      Imbibing and implementing the practices of Lean-Agile Budgeting

4.      Driving the Kanban portfolio and executing the flow

5.      Developing the Implementation Roadmap

Target audience

Target audience for this course would include leaders, C level executives, entrepreneurs, business owners, Lean-Agile leaders, PMOs, change agents, Enterprise Process Leads, Portfolio Managers etc.

Prerequisites for the course

1.      Experience in SAFe Program Consultant Certification or leading SAFe projects is mandatory.


2.      SAFe Value Stream Workshop is recommended

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