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Scaled Agile Framework's SAFe Agile Product & Solution Management Certification Courses

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The Modern Software development approach has evolved to deliver business solutions rather than the technical solutions. The product managers have to work proactively to understand the customers’ needs and develop products that are desirable (customers need them) , viable (we should have the resources to develop), feasible (we must make profit) , and  sustainable (we should be able to support the product after sale).

This course focuses on how product manager:

·         Uses Continuously Exploration to study customer needs 

·         Uses  Customer Centricity and Design Thinking tools to develop high quality products

·         Collaborates with various roles , particularly with Product Owners to communicate the business goals to agile teams

·         Manages pricing and licensing of the products

·         Create product Vision

·         Develop and maintain development roadmaps

·         Execute and deliver using SAFe framework

Target audience :  Agile Coach/Trainer,  Product Manager

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