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Professional Scrum Product Owner ™ (PSPO) Training, Certification Courses

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Product Owners in order to be completely effective requires having a firm understanding of the factors that drive value for their product, an accurate sense of how to effectively use the Scrum and Agile practices for maximizing that particular value.  The assessments for Professional Scrum Product Owner™ (PSPO) help participants to receive a validation and certification of their in depth understanding of the responsibility of the Product Owner and their responses to certain challenging real life situations. The true value of this certification is completely dependent on the knowledge demonstration that is required to achieve it. By this scale, PSPO assessments are more valued than the other existing alternatives for Scrum Product Ownership. The aim is to ensure that the certification remains relevant and valuable by scheduling frequent inspections and adapting to the assessment of content.

Course details

In order to take an assessment, it is not compulsory to take a Professional Scrum class, though it is recommended.  The assessments are available for those who want to demonstrate their understanding and knowledge about the Product Owner’s role in great detail.  Each training class of is inclusive of one free attempt for the corresponding assessment. 


Participants who have successfully attempted the PSPO assessments would be receiving certification that is recognized by the industry. There are two assessment options that one can select: PSPO I and PSPO II. These assessments must be attempted in a sequence – passing PSPO I is a must before attempting the more challenging PSPO II.

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